Awards for Publishing Excellence in Writing and Design

Over the years, SWE Magazine has been recognized for its publishing excellence with numerous awards from the FOLIO and APEX publishing competitions. Here are a few of the judges’ comments regarding various top awards:

“This is just a jam-packed issue that makes it difficult for the reader to determine which article to read first. Starting with a striking cover illustration to promote the lead story of the issue, the issue begins with a News & Advocacy piece entitled ‘Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’ and the contributions of society members to the space race. The reader is then treated to a wonderful human-interest article with examples of how women engineers have dealt with several ‘weird’ challenges, then the fabulous cover story titled ‘Constructive Voices in Turbulent Times’ along with the normal popular features. High-quality writing, illustrations, photography, design and layout — just a Grand Award winning issue.”

“While giving us a rarely seen glimpse into the archives of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the author/archivist spotlights poignant excerpts from Profiles of SWE Oral History Project. The author effectively contrasts the men who worked out front with the women engineers, mathematicians and scientists who worked behind the scenes to help humankind reach the moon. Particularly astute is the comparison of female engineers to the sailmakers for the explorers — but in this case it was the exploration of space. Although this article zeroes in on four women, links to a two-episode podcast and the full oral history interviews give the reader access to additional primary source material.”

“Here’s a fabulous collection of articles all addressing engineering design and research. Beginning with a riveting front cover, the issue addresses 5 important current topics and does so through numerous interviews, case studies, data analysis and historical perspectives. The topics selected are cutting-edge and presented in great detail featuring eminent professionals who speak about their profession with intense passion. The reader feels that passion coming through the pages.”

2019 Folio Award

2020 Award for Publication Excellence