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SWE Magazine Advertising Options

When advertising in SWE Magazine, you gain direct access to an established audience of over 46,000 engineers and technologists from around the globe. This longstanding platform provides a great opportunity to harmonize your branding and messaging with a highly receptive audience. One of the highest-rated member benefits, SWE Magazine provides insight and relatable content our members look forward to.

SWE Magazine is the Award-Winning publication of The Society of Women Engineers delivering vital content that provides insight, analysis, and solutions to workplace issues and current events affecting women in the engineering and STEM communities and is published five times annually. Check out the current issue and archives here.

Additional topics include: Achievements and accomplishments of technical women, professional development, outreach to youth, Society activities and news, technical themes and current events relevant to the STEM community.

Advertising Benefits Include:

  • Free job postings
  • Supporting SWE’s research and publication
  • Strengthened Employer Brand

Rates for Conference and Research State of Women Issues (Gross Rates Per Issue):

AD SIZE Print OnlyDigital OnlyPrint AND digital
FULL PAGE + 4 Job Postings $6,000$3,500$8,000
FULL PAGE (Cover Rate)+ 4 Job Postings$6,500$3,500$8,500
½ PAGE (Horizontal/Vertical) + 2 Job Postings$4,500$2,500$6,500
⅓ PAGE (Vertical/Square) + 1 Job Posting$3,500$1,700$5,000
¼ PAGE + 1 Job Posting$2,500$1,200$3,500

Rates for Winter, Spring and Summer Issues (Gross Rates, Per Issue):

SizePrint AND Digital
FULL PAGE + 4 Job Postings$4,000
½ PAGE (Horizontal/Vertical) + 2 Job Postings$2,000

Discounted Rates:

  • 2 Issues – 10% discount off your total
  • 3 Issues – 15% discount off your total
  • 4 Issues – 25% discount off your total 
  • 5 Issues – 30% discount off your total

Creative Service Rates*:

  • Full Page Ad – $1,728
  • Half Page H/V Ad – $1,344
  • Third Page H/Sq. Ad – $1,272
  • Quarter Page Ad – $1,152

*Please note the creative service rate is in addition to the rates listed in grid above. The cost includes two rounds of revisions; revisions beyond that would be charged $102/hr in 15 min. increments. All content, high resolution images and/or logos and branding images should be provided. 

Commitment Dates:

Winter Issue – December 6, 2024
Research State of Women Issue – January 24, 2024
Spring Issue  – April 11, 2024
Summer Issue
– June 14, 2024
Conference Issue – August 15, 2024

Materials Due:

Winter Issue – December 20, 2024
Research State of Women Issue – February 7, 2024
Spring Issue – April 25, 2024
Summer Issue – June 28, 2024
Conference Issue – August 29, 2024

All Issues – Specifications and Requirements:

Ad SizeWidth (inches)Height (inches)
Full Page with Bleed*
Publication Trim Size
Live Area for relevant content
½ Page Vertical3.509.50
½ Page Horizontal7.134.50
1/3 Page Vertical2.259.80
1/3 Page Square4.505.00
¼ Page3.504.50

Designer Notes:
– Print files should be sent in PDF format at 300 dpi or above
– CMYK (No RGB images)
– Fonts must be embedded
– Digital files should be sent in JPEG format at 150 dpi maximum
– Send associated URL/website to link with 

Thought Leadership Opportunities

SWE now offers an exclusive opportunity to be featured in a one-page thought leadership piece in SWE Magazine, available both in print and digital format. Only one will be available per issue (excluding the Conference and Research State of Women issues — see below), and it will be placed right after the feature before Views and Voices. The feature will be promoted via social media and in an email sent to all members announcing the issue’s release. As the partner, you have the autonomy to choose the program, initiative, or individual to highlight in this distinctive opportunity.

Note: The WE24 Conference Issue will allow for two opportunities and additional social media recognition. See Annual Conference prospectus for details. 


Winter, Spring and Fall Issues – $10,000 per issue 
Conference Issue – $20,000 per issue

Event Opportunity

WE24 Conference Issue

WE24 is the largest and most comprehensive professional development event for women in engineering and technology, making the SWE Magazine WE24 issue the essential conference resource. An indispensable tool for employers and universities to reach WE24 attendees, the magazine covers key moments in this event, the prestigious SWE award recipients, award-winning content, and more. The magazine is mailed to all members, available online and given onsite to attendees. Special discounted rates are available for career fair exhibitors and conference program partners.

Research Opportunity

State of Women in Engineering – Special Research Issue

The State of Women in Engineering, SWE Magazine’s research issue, released each March,  includes the highly valued review of the previous year’s peer-reviewed social science literature on women in engineering and STEM —offering analysis and insight, plus an extensive bibliography. Drawing from recent findings, this publication covers the most-critical trends affecting the advancement of women in engineering.

This issue is printed and sent to all 43K+ members, available widely through SWE’s online magazine, on SWE’s research site; through the archives; and the SWE store. The print magazine is also distributed to all participants in SWE’s annual Congressional Visits event, and is the “leave behind” at all visits to individual members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

Additional Information

Published rates are 15% commission-able to recognized agencies unless otherwise noted. Payment terms are net 30 days. Publisher reserves the right to suspend agency commission for past due invoices. All invoices over 30 days late will be assessed a finance charge at 1.75% monthly. Canceled orders must be received in writing by the space deadline.

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