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SWE Digital Stats

DIVERSE Podcast Series

Custom Podcast

A trending medium to draw attention and share engaging content and stories with SWE’s audience. With an average download rate of 400 per episode, over 2,000+ listens monthly, SWE’s DIVERSE podcast series is a great resource for content generation and is easily shared through a multitude of platforms (e-mail, social media and mobile devices). Topics and questions/discussion points are determined by the sponsor and collaborated on with SWE’s marketing team and are typically around 20-30 minutes long once finalized. Podcasts are recorded via conference call with SWE’s host, edited and uploaded to iTunes, SoundCloud, Stichr and also transcribed and posted to SWE’s Blog, All Together. Once live, SWE will promote via social media to increase engagement. 

Rate (NET):
  • $4,000 for one (1) podcast
  • CPC Members: $3,000 for one (1) podcast
  • Sponsor introduction in podcast and creativity curating content.
  • Social Media postings to promote your organization and podcast.

Podcast Sponsor Placement

SWE’s DIVERSE podcast sponsor placement is a simple and effective channel to promote an everlasting alliance. You choose which new upcoming podcast or previously recorded podcast to incorporate (2) 10-15 second verbal placements. Sponsor provides an approved script to SWE for the current podcast host to read during the podcast.  In addition, SWE will include sponsor logo with a linked URL when promoting or re-promoting an episode.

Rate (Net):

  • $1,500

All Together Blog

SWE’s Monthly Blog Sponsorship

Limit: 1 Monthly Sponsor | Rate: $5,000

All Together covers the activities of SWE and a wide range of stories about women and girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). SWE’s blog has the latest information about the programs and initiatives of the Society, its members, sponsors, and partners. It’s also a resource for girls interested in pursuing a career in engineering and technology.

Monthly e-mails are sent to over 41,000 global SWE members and All Together e-mail subscribers.


  • As a lead sponsor, you will have your logo (GIF format, no animations) included in the e-mail, a description of your opportunities or programs (100 word maximum).
  • 350 x 250 pixel banner ad on All Together that stays up during your sponsorship with a link to your site. Ads run on All Together’s desktop and mobile site.

Custom Blog Post

Share stories in your voice through a custom blog post. Each blog post has a cover photo, headline and a short summary. Once you identify a topic of interest and approve the posting, we work together to schedule the publish date and promote via social media. 


  • Custom content can include submission forms, photos and videos.
  • Social media postings to promote blog post.
  • Average of 30K+ unique users monthly (and growing!)

Rate (NET): 

  • $3,000 for one (1) blog post
  • CPC Members: $2,000 for one (1) blog post

Banner Display Advertising

On and Annual Conference Specific Website

SWE’s website, found at, promotes global advertising. Since the website is accessed regularly by members, banner advertising is an outstanding medium for employers to place employment ads or academic institutions to promote programming that will link back to their website. Banner ads are available on all of the pages of the SWE website with one large banner and two smaller banners appearing on each page. Max file size is 60K.

Banner Display Ads (for 2 months):

  • $4,100 for Large Banner (250 x 250 pixels)
    • Option to Geotarget ads for additional $500
  •  $2,900 for Smaller Banner (120 x 240 pixels)

Retargeted Ads (for 2 months):

  • $6,000
    • Option to Geotarget ads for additional $1,000
    •  250 x 250, 300 x 250, 728 x 90, 160 x 600, 180 x 150

Retargeted Advertising

Cookies are placed on and SWE’s suite of websites so your display ad will continue to appear on user’s browsers once they leave SWE’s sites, increasing your exposure. Run time can begin at any time and will complete once impressions are maxed out. Max file size is 200MB, acceptable formats: .png, .jpg, .gif, and video files. format with URL/link.


  • Click-through rates are 10x those of standard display ads.
  • Retargeted prospects are 43% more likely to convert than those served standard display ads.


SWE All Member E-blast

Limit: 1 Monthly Sponsor | Rate: $5,000

Incorporate your brand and message in the must-read SWE HQ email update that’s delivered to more than 41,000 global members. With an average open rate of 31.8% and 1 sponsor per email, this prominent sponsorship offers an impactful channel to communicate to your target audience. Opportunity based on availability. 

Opportunity includes:

  • Organization Logo
  • 100-150 words of text
  • One URL/call-to-action link

Social Media

Sponsored Social Media Postings

Limit: 2 Monthly Sponsors | Rate: $5,500 for 3 posts; $2,500 for 1 post

Boost your organization’s branding efforts and broaden your social media engagement with custom posts to SWE’s continuously growing social media audience! Investing in sponsored social media posts is a great way to promote internships, DEI initiatives, workshops and more!*

LinkedIn – 56,108 followers
Twitter (@SWEtalk) – 31,428 followers
Facebook – 60,612 followers
400,000+ impressions per month (Combined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Opportunity includes:
1 post. Includes 3 channels: SWE’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts = $2,500
3 posts. Includes 3 channels: SWE’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts = $5,500

*Content must align with SWE’s mission and cannot conflict with SWE hosted events, workshops and programming. SWE has the right to omit or limit content based on channels and internal content calendar.  Social media reach as of July 2021.

SWE Advance Learning Center

On-Demand Webinar Sponsorship

Receive distinguished visibility by sponsoring our most popular on-demand webinars!  These previously recorded webinars and courses receive an average of over 1,000 views quarterly. This is an excellent way to associate your organization with the top 5 courses designed around personal and professional development.


  • Logo and URL included on the Advance Learning page.
  • Opportunity to provide your employees with free access to sponsored course.
  • A special “thank you” at the beginning and end of the course.
  • Optional: Submit a commercial or video to integrate into the beginning or end of the course. Must be 30 seconds or less.

Rate (NET):

  • $5,000

Specifications and Requirements:

  • 150 x 75 pixels
  • Max file size is 100KB
  • Uploaded images larger than 150 x 75 will be reduced in size to match the preferred size.

Live Webinar Sponsorship

Each year, SWE adds up to 10 new courses and programs to an already extensive list of offerings through SWE Advance. Our professionally produced web seminars cover a variety of topics for professional and personal growth and are marketed to our more than 41,000 members. *Inquire about upcoming live webinars as they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis with limited availability.


  • Logo included on all advertisement (blog/social/email/etc.) and on the slide deck as a sponsor
  • Opportunity to provide your employees with free access to the live webinar in addition to the recording
  • A special “thank you” at the beginning and end of the webinar
  • Company logo and link to your website will appear on the individual overview page for up to three years!
  • Optional: Opportunity to provide a speaker from your organization to provide a few words and welcome the subject matter expert at the beginning of the webinar.

Rate (NET):

  • $7,000

Specifications and Requirements:

  • 150 x 75 pixels
  • Max file size is 100KB
  • Uploaded images larger than 150 x 75 will be reduced in size to match the preferred size.
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